Live TV Contributions

CNBC Arabia 9 March 2014

Discussing the regional private equity developments. Regulators can do a lot to support the market; On one hand allow or make it easier to take companies private. On the other, allow companies to IPO, while selling less than the current 55%. 25-35% should be optimal from a liquidity perspective.

CNBC Arabia 4 February

Arabtec 's performance reflects the strong market fundamentals, the new Abu Dhabi ownership. The equity market likes fresh news. But the UAE market needs a broader mix of sectors, beyond banks and real estate.

Emaar's new CEO announcement was big news but the timing was surprising from a Governance perspective.

CNBC Arabia 4 February 2014

CEO change is big news and announcing it in a timely manner to the market is essential. Investors should ask questions at the AGM and expect timely announcements of critical information.

The GCC market needs to see the development of Institutional investors, particularly for the bond market to mature

CNBC Arabia 12 January 2014

There were multiple catalysts for M&A in 2013. One factor is the ongoing deployment of sovereign wealth internationally. Another is the strengthening of national champions via mergers, such as the merger of Al Dar and Sorouh or Emal and Dubai. Improved Valuations and stronger investor confidence are the main drivers for M&A. As we see these factors continuing, we expect further growth in the regional M&A markets in 2014.

CNBC Arabia 12 January 2014

It is easy to call a top of the market. However the valuation of DFM, ADX and QSE is still relatively reasonable. Our call is for ongoing market strength and enthusiasm given the strong underlying fundamental. A correction in the regional markets is not to be excluded but should be a buying opportunity for investors with liquidity. Regional markets are relatively small and illiquid which makes them difficult to trade for foreign investors. More issuance is needed from successful regional companies in healthcare, education and retail, to take advantage of the strong

CNBC Arabia 30 December 2013

GCC equity markets have staged a big come back in 2013 but valuations are still reasonable, particularly relative to the US market. M&A volumes should keep going up mainly due to strong investor confidence. Sectors most in demand are consumer and demographics related such as F&B, Healthcare and Education. Equity listings will pick up too, supported by better valuations and greater liquidity.

CNBC Arabia 30 December 2013

Eye on Emirates interview CNBC Arabia: We expect a continuation of regional M&A volumes growth in 2014. Equity listings were down in 2013 but should rebound given the improving valuations and the pipeline. The main obstacles to M&A and IPOs are still the reluctance of family businesses to seek external financing. This should ease off as we see better valuations and ongoing economic growth.

CNBC Arabia 30 December 2013

In this new year interview with CNBC Arabia, we predicted a strong start to the equity markets in 2014. Foreign investors are increasingly focused on the GCC markets. Their preference will go for companies with greater transparency and stronger corporate governance. As such more regional companies are raising their Foreign Ownership Limit to allow more international investors to enter their register. Will the market calm down after the Expo2020 euphoria?

CNBC Arabia 26 November 2013

What will the impact of winning Expo 2020 be on the markets? What does the improved political climate with Iran mean for business in Dubai and the GCC region?

CNBC Arabia 26 November 2013

How serious are MENA family businesses and public companies about corporate governance? What to expect from Dubai after the Expo 2020?