Sell-Side M&A Advisory

Sell-Side M&A Advisory

Sell-Side M&A advisory includes a number of potential engagement options:

  •  Sale of majority stake or full company divestiture
  •  Sale of a minority stake, either for growth capital or partial exit
  •  Private placement, which is a placement to a selected group of investors, generally for a minority stake


     Our Sell-Side M&A scope of work includes:


   - Advice on the appropriate process i.e. broad vs. narrow auction vs. bilateral

   - Sourcing and introduction to potential buyers

   - Assistance in the choice of other advisors

   - Process and deal structuring management

   - Marketing documents preparation: Teaser, Management Presentation,  

     Investment Memorandum (IM)

   - Business Valuations: Advising the seller group on the appropriate valuation and

     assisting in pricing negotiations

   - Marketing of the transaction regionally through our extensive network as well as internationally through our partner investment banks

We can also run a dual-track M&A and IPO process:

  • Depending on the size of the company and its sector of activity, the IPO route could be a very viable option for growth financing, partial or full exit
  • Running a dual-track process maximises pricing tension and gives the company and its shareholders additional optionality in terms of accessing one market or the other depending on which one offers the best liquidity and valuation at a certain point in time
  • Our team's expertise in both M&A and Capital Markets ensures that our clients benefit from achieving a smooth tightly run execution process that attains the most optimal result.